Keith Frazer Plays Bach (2008)

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Simply To Be


A CD envisioned five years before its recording; postponed indefinitely while Keith struggled with the affliction affecting his right hand. (See 'Focal Dystonia' link). Having relearned the pieces using a plectrum a repertoire developed to at last pay respect to the master, Johann Sebastian Bach.

' Some things you just have to get right. There is no room for error. Musicians can be incredibly fussy over their recordings often hearing things someone else is completely deaf to. I tried on many occasions to record some simple Bach pieces but my hand wouldn't allow it. I couldn't live with any of the recordings. I can't describe how bad that felt. But I looked at the manuscripts and realised there was another way round it. Unconventional, yes - but that only made it more attractive. Maybe I shouldn't say this but like actors who cannot watch themselves on the TV I usually can't listen to any recordings I have made regardless of what anyone else might think. This one changed my mind. I still love listening to how this turned out.'